Dan Goldman Blasts ‘Party Of George Santos’ Over Schiff Censure

Dan Goldman Blasts ‘Party Of George Santos’ Over Schiff Censure

Regrettably, Rep. Adam Schiff was censured by the Residence Republicans. The resolution will likely die in the Household Ethics Committee, especially because Schiff is providing up his seat at the finish of his expression in get to operate for the Senate.

But Goldman’s opinions ought to stay for good to remind us of how the “party of regulation and order” has turn into the occasion of corruption and treason.

Goldman started by sarcastically pointing out that evidence of Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia was not just a figment of Schiff’s creativeness but primarily based on proof from the Intelligence Committee, the exclusive counsel investigation, the FBI and the choose ruling on FISA purposes.

Then Goldman received critical: “All he did was appropriately impeach the president of the United States for his gross abuse of electricity,” Goldman claimed. Then he referenced Trump marketing campaign manager Paul Manafort’s extremely suspicious conduct: “You want to speak about collusion? Allow me ask my Republican colleagues, if a marketing campaign manager for a campaign is providing interior information and facts to a Russian intelligence agent, is that collusion?”

We all know Republicans will believe it truly is collusion only if Democrats do it. But I you should not think that should really end Dems from highlighting at just about every opportunity what the GOP is endorsing.

That is precisely what Goldman did, primarily with his last terms, en fuego. Responding to a Republican who claimed the censure resolution was an hard work to “hold members accountable,” Goldman shot again, “You are the get together of George Santos! Who are you keeping accountable? The dude is an alleged and acknowledged liar and indicted and you guard him every single working day!”

“Don’t lecture us with your projection and your defense of Donald Trump,” Goldman ongoing. “It’s pathetic and it can be beneath you and it truly is beneath this physique.”


This phony ploy to punish Adam Schiff for talking real truth to electrical power is pathetic and beneath this human body.

Coming from the get together of George Santos, the Republicans need to as an alternative focus their interest inward somewhat than encourage much more lies about honorable community servants. pic.twitter.com/rBcsQHcq4s

— Rep. Dan Goldman (@RepDanGoldman) June 21, 2023

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