David Brooks Earns Still A different Working day Of Social Media Ridicule

David Brooks Earns Still A different Working day Of Social Media Ridicule

So New York Times columnist David Brooks, who so rarely tells the total story, took to social media to complain about his $78 hamburger tab at the Newark airport. And becoming David Brooks, he turned the monthly bill into an prospect to pontificate, “This is why Us citizens assume the financial state is terrible.” (For the reason that your normal American who’s not consuming on the business dime is just not just searching for a Burger King?)

Properly! As it turns out, eighty % of that tab was his bar bill. And Twitter buyers gleefully pointed it out. They not only pointed it out, they roasted him mercilessly.

Here is Driftglass to toss out the initial ball.

Irrespective of whether it is really overpaying for booze and a garbage burger and fries at airports or terrorizing innocent bumpkins with challenging-to-pronounce sandwiches, David Brooks’ new occupation as the NYT’s Food Critic for the Economically Nervous is off to a rocky start. https://t.co/aJfUhs5bUy

— Driftglass, Guardian of Inconvenient Heritage (@Mr_Electrico) September 21, 2023

It is real, you fellas.

My family has had to lower again to only ingesting at airport eating places four nights a 7 days.


— Jay Black (@jayblackisfunny) September 21, 2023

Many several years back I recognized that I’d get additional satisfaction out of David Brooks columns if I image him wearing a pith helmet, crouching behind a booth at rural diner, and reading through the words and phrases aloud to me with David Attenborough’s voice and perspective of earnest fascination. https://t.co/TNXTe47L9U

— Seth Cotlar, typically now at the other spots (@SethCotlar) September 22, 2023

And of training course, this vintage:

The essential matter is, David Brooks is the sort of clown to whom the New York Occasions provides a piece of precious authentic estate for his column.

And that suggests even a lot more about the Instances than it does about Brooks.

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