GOP Youth Conference Provides Lauren Boebert As Speaker

GOP Youth Conference Provides Lauren Boebert As Speaker

1 day soon after GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert was tossed out of a functionality of Beetlejuice at the Buell Theatre, a Republican youth conference resolved it was a excellent strategy to increase her to their record of speakers.

As The Meidas Contact Network reported, this team was “started by unsuccessful Republican Home candidate Christian Collins,” and explained Boebert as “a devout Christian who seeks to honor God in all that she does.”

Here’s more from them on the group:

The Texas Youth Summit was founded by failed Republican Home candidate Christian Collins. Collins states his group is “empowering youth to win the Lifestyle War.”

The mission of the team states it is “training youth to endorse …Judeo-Christian principles.” The group’s “legacy” statement states they will “win back the hearts and minds” of the nation’s youth.Evidently Collins believes introducing scandal-ridden Boebert to the lineup will aid youth achieve MAGA Republican goals. The Denver theater who kicked out Boebert has bigger requirements than MAGA Republicans.

I am wanting to know if they made this announcement right before they ended up aware of the groping movie. Maybe if they get a prospect to enjoy her in motion they’ll rethink their determination, but I would not maintain my breath. Total lack of shame or caring no matter if any individual is aware you’re a lying hypocrite does seem to be to be a aspect and not a bug with most Republicans these days.

And frankly, the rest of that lineup is just as horrifying to me as Boebert.


Any individual that send out their youngsters to this monstrosity justifies to be described for kid abuse.

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