I Asked 2 Pro Cleaners To Name the Best All-Purpose Cleaning Spray, They Both Said the Same Brand

I Asked 2 Pro Cleaners To Name the Best All-Purpose Cleaning Spray, They Both Said the Same Brand

While I associate with Monica on Friends in many ways—she loves to cook, is very stubborn, and fiercely loving to her friends—she and I are not the same when it comes to cleaning. I like a tidy space and a nice-looking apartment, but I do the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning.

If I can find cleaning products with multiple purposes to get all the jobs done quickly, I go for it. This is why I am a big fan of all-purpose cleaning sprays. Grab that bottle, squirt, and wipe every surface imaginable without worrying. Easy peasy—and my supply cabinet under the sink is never cluttered.

However, anyone who has journeyed down the cleaning aisle knows that there are many options for all-purpose cleaners. How would I know which cleaner is the best, especially if I plan to use the product on every imaginable surface?

To find out which cleaner to buy so I can fully lean into my Monica personality, I spoke with professional cleaners to get the scoop on which all-purpose cleaning spray to grab next time I’m at the store.

The Pro Cleaners I Asked

  • Toby Schulz: CEO & Co-Founder at Maid2Match
  • Elizabeth Shields: Operations Manager of Super Cleaning Service Louisville

Simply Recipes / Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

The Best All-Purpose Cleaning Spray, According to the Pros

If you had to choose which all-purpose cleaner to buy, the pros would advise you to grab Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everday Cleaner.

“If you’re looking for something that smells great and gets the job done without any harsh chemicals, this a great pick,” says Shields. “The formula is good and gentle on surfaces. If you’ve got kids or pets who love to explore every nook and cranny, you’ll appreciate knowing there aren’t any harmful chemicals left behind on the surfaces they touch.”

“Mrs. Meyer’s is a fantastic everyday cleaner with a refreshing lemon verbena scent,” adds Schulz. “The multi-surface spray is safe to use on hardwood floors and uses plant-derived ingredients.”

As promised, this spray is safe to use on a number of surfaces, including floor tiles, walls, and countertops. It’s made with a cruelty-free formula with essential oils and natural ingredients, making it a safe and effective product to use in your home.

While Schulz prefers the Lemon Verbena scent, this cleaning spray also comes in various other scents, including Lilac, Peony, Lavender, Mint, Dandelion, Tomato Vine, Eucalyptus, and Iowa Pine. This cleaning product comes in spray bottles or can also be purchased in concentrates that you can fill in a reusable spray bottle to reduce your plastic use.

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