If MAGAts Get Media To Repeat Their Lies, Their Base Believes Them

If MAGAts Get Media To Repeat Their Lies, Their Base Believes Them

The greatest risk we confront as a place has extensive been clear: it’s the reelection of Trump. An ethical quicksand of corruption, avarice, cruelty, incompetence and, increasingly, his cerebral functionality is coming to resemble the dark facet of the moon.

Republicans, many of whom are basically not-as-loud variations of Trump, know that the public is aware of this. So they are striving to impeach Joe Biden, they are not able to go as a result of a working day without the need of expressing the identify “Hunter” and they have even experimented with to make it look like it is Joe Biden who is threatening democracy.

Due to the fact they do get 1 easy matter: If their media repeats it endlessly, their foundation of drones will feel it. And it will make its way to a good deal of minimal-info voters, and in lots of to most situations the mainstream media will not likely explain the variance to men and women between a reputable prospect and an aspiring dictator.

Cliff Schecter and Stephanie Miller have a wonderful discussion about the danger that the Trump people will do what their manager does very best, con folks into contemplating there’s no distinction among Trump and Biden with regard to corruption or democracy. Look at it and then go subscribe to Cliff’s Blue Amp channel for more information like this.

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