Jasmine Crockett ROASTS Jim Jordan!…Phone calls Trump THE ‘C’ Word!!

Jasmine Crockett ROASTS Jim Jordan!…Phone calls Trump THE ‘C’ Word!!

If you never really like Jasmine Crockett, nicely, I just don’t know about you.

She is a delighted warrior, slicing & dicing Republicans–notably people ideal in entrance of her like unhappy-sack-propagandist, Jim Jordan. In truth, she phone calls Jim Jordan a Russian propagandist in this video clip, Proper TO HIS Encounter. She impugns the integrity and patriotism of Jim’s GOP colleagues too–God, has this team of MAGA creeps attained it–and even calls Donald Trump the “C” phrase!!

Yep, Jasmine, like Eric Swalwell, Stacey Plaskett, Gretchen Whitmer, Jamie Raskin, Ted Lieu, AOC, Gavin Newsom, Hakeem Jeffries, Adam Schiff…and I could go on, are our foreseeable future. Gen X and under are getting above, and they get that you stay on offense, use social media to your edge, management the narrative, pin the lying arses of Republican traitors to the wall–with out mercy–mock them, humiliate them, send out a very clear message to any one looking at they are comprehensive jokers. Because they are.

This is however a further superb exposition of all of the previously mentioned by Jasmine Crockett. We are damn fortunate to have her. You Genuinely ought to look at to see how she does it. Then head in excess of to my channel, “Cliff’s Edge,” and SUBSCRIBE! B/c we emphasize Dems kicking butt and Repubs having ruined every single one working day.

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