Jesse Watters Calls New Trump Indictments ‘Political War Crimes’

Jesse Watters Calls New Trump Indictments ‘Political War Crimes’

Watters may well be a smirking a-gap, but he’s not stupid. And it is pretty darned clear he realized he was comprehensive of s**t as he initial argued that a violent attack on our Capitol was no biggie that most folks really don’t treatment about. “Not most people thinks January 6th was Hiroshima,” he claimed. As if something much less than an atomic bomb is very little to be involved about. He claimed “a lot of people don’t even know what January sixth was” and that even those people who do are “over it.”

As for the files scenario, after falsely expressing Biden and Trump did the similar detail, Watters said, “Regular People in america on Main Street are not fussing around wherever the paperwork went. They seriously really do not care. It does not influence them.”

I’m certain Watters appreciates damned nicely that stealing best secret paperwork and displaying them off to folks who have no stability clearance and no business enterprise looking at them is not “fussing in excess of exactly where the documents went.” He surely would not say that if Hillary Clinton or any Biden did these types of a matter.

Speaking of Joe Biden… What proved to me Watters knew he was comprehensive of crap was his endeavor to counsel President Joe Biden is the real criminal: “If you discover dollars bribes that go into Biden’s offshore bank accounts, which is going to mild up the place,” he claimed. Big use of the word “if” there, buddy.

“Sex and funds bribes, which is gonna do it,” Watters ongoing. Hmm, was that a Freudian slip about the Stormy Daniels hush revenue? You know, the very first 34 felonies Trump was charged with?

Watters picked up his atomic bomb analogy again, only this time casting his favored p***y grabber as Hiroshima. Under no circumstances head that I’d guess Watters has usually been a hundred% in favor of dropping the atomic bomb there. And he seemed a tad perplexed about his metaphors as he started by calling the most current Trump indictment “political germ warfare.”

But he speedily bought back on his anti-American propaganda observe. “These are political war crimes, it’s an atrocity,” Watters additional. “It’s, like, not just dropping just one atomic bomb, you drop fifteen dozen… Adequate is enough. This is the institution terrified of Donald Trump’s re-election.”

Nah, it is MAGA Watters who’s terrified. He’s the dude who was so terrified of dropping viewers that he required to get colleagues fired for contradicting Trump and telling the real truth, that the 2020 election was legit. Only now he’s possibly terrified he’ll lose them and his new key time gig if he doesn’t lie about who definitely tried out to steal the 2020 election.

Or maybe Watters is just terrified he’ll be indicted as a co-conspirator. He should really be.

In a minute and a half, Fox host Jesse Watters goes from

“Not everyone believes Jan. 6 was Hiroshima”


The Trump indictments are “political war crimes. It’s an atrocity. It’s like not just dropping one atomic bomb — you fall 15 dozen.”

— nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) August 1, 2023

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