Killer Kyle Plays Holier Than Thou Card Against The Pope

Killer Kyle Plays Holier Than Thou Card Against The Pope

Krybaby Killer Kyle Rittenhouse has fallen into a monotinouse program of undertaking some thing stupid, receiving identified as out for it, and participating in the target card.

The most recent case in point is KKK liking a tweet from a fellow bigoted, redneck, gun-loving reprobate who was badmouthing Pope Francis:

They had been all upset mainly because the Pope had a luncheon with some transgender women.

Newsweek caught on to it and wrote a quick report about it. Newsweek shares the tale on xitter.

So now, we have KKK undertaking one thing stupi – liking a hateful tweet – and finding called out for it – the Newsweek posting and tweet. Cue the actively playing of the sufferer card:

1st, here’s a information flash for KKK: When you killed two people today and maimed a third for the sheer thrill of it, you can not participate in the holier than thou regimen on most persons. Next, actual grownups just take obligation for their steps. Your mewling about it only proves that your emotionally stunted.

Regrettably, we all know what will come of this – another session of lather, rinse and repeat.

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