Lecherous Lawmaker Refuses To Apologize, Performs Target Card

Lecherous Lawmaker Refuses To Apologize, Performs Target Card

New Hampshire Condition Consultant Jess Edwards of the Gross Previous Pervs Social gathering, is refusing to apologize for staying overly interested in “ripe” and “fertile” teenage girls acquiring to hold out right up until they are 18 several years previous just before finding married. To make the condition even worse, he reported that he is not going to apologize mainly because he is the actual victim here:

“In an interview with The Daily Beast on Tuesday night, Edwards stated utilizing the phrase ‘ripe’ was a miscalculation, but that he did not have earned the hundreds of email messages he acquired calling him a pedophile and worse.”

“I misspoke. It was an inappropriate word,” acknowledged Edwards. Having said that, he added, “Because I have this avalanche of despise, I really do not want to apologize in the deal with of that, for the reason that I do not want to motivate this habits for the up coming person who claims the improper word. By supplying into all of the mob, I don’t want to feed the beast. I do not care to apologize to the haters.”

The condition is swiftly escalating to the place where by it might not be plenty of for Uncle Creeper to just apologize. He need to consider getting an early retirement and transfer off into a incredibly rural area, but only if there is certainly not near any camps that have teenage counselors. Just to perform it secure.

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