‘Let Me Stop You’: Fox News Host Slams Marsha Blackburn’s Professional-Trump Rant

‘Let Me Stop You’: Fox News Host Slams Marsha Blackburn’s Professional-Trump Rant

Fox News host Eric Shawn corrected Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) just after she as opposed Donald Trump’s legal woes to President Joe Biden and previous Secretary of Condition Hillary Clinton.

Blackburn argued throughout a Sunday job interview that there have been “two tiers of justice.”

“Policies for the Bidens and the Clintons and the Democrat elites,” she mentioned. “And then a separate set of rules for absolutely everyone else.”

“And when you look at this and how they are coddling and defending the Bidens,” she extra. “And then you appear at President Trump’s situation, where by they are going immediately after him, soon after his aides, a routine maintenance worker.”

Shawn interrupted: “Let me stop you there.”

“They are undertaking that for the reason that he didn’t give in excess of what he must have completed,” Shawn stated. “All those are not his classified paperwork. He can not do that. He thinks they are his, but they’re not. And he should really have specified them back a 12 months just before when he was questioned. But prior to I enable you go forward, there is no moral equivalence listed here.”

Blackburn ongoing to argue that Republicans did not get equivalent cure below the legislation.

“And then keeping individuals accountable,” she mentioned, urging hearings. “And possibly heading back and on the lookout at what took place with the Clintons. What occurred with the Clinton Foundation?”

“Oh person, the Clintons, all individuals years, all people investigations,” Shawn sighed.

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