Marge Goes Comprehensive Cringe At Trump Rally, Compares Felon 45 To Jesus

Marge Goes Comprehensive Cringe At Trump Rally, Compares Felon 45 To Jesus

Controversial Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene went there at Trump’s rally in Nevado on Sunday. She threw in some blasphemy even though very likely skipping church. She could have been working on her ‘bad designed butch body,’ but praising Felon 45 was far more essential. Priorities, amirite? There is a single factor Trump supporters should not do if they really don’t want to be regarded portion of a cult: do not compare that porn star-banging pussy grabbing felon to Jesus Christ.

“The Democrats and the pretend news media want to regularly talk about, oh, President Trump is a convicted felon,” Marge stated. “Nicely, you want to know a thing?”

Be aware: No, we do not, but she will notify us in any case.

“The gentleman that I worship is also a convicted felon,” she falsely stated. “And he was murdered on a Roman cross.”

Jesus. Was. Not. A. Felon. This is just not tricky. And he wasn’t convicted by a jury of his friends. He was murdered by an unruly mob who yelled out, “Dangle Mike Pence!” “Crucify him!” Very well, we can also blame Pontius Pilate, between many others. Comparing Trump to Jeus’s crucifixion is some sick stuff.

With all of that aside, Ted Bundy, Al Capone, John Dillinger, Charles Manson, John Wilkes Booth (she’s likely a fan), and John Wayne Gacy were all felons, way too. So is Martha Stewart, but I’m certain she’d make a superior President than Trump, but the bar is form of small. And none of all those men and women are just like Jesus.

Who voted for this woman? Holy fuckballs.

Greene: The Democrats and the faux information media want to converse about ‘Trump is a convicted felon.’ You want to know something? The male that I worship is also a convicted felon. And he was murdered on a Roman cross

— Acyn (@Acyn) June nine, 2024

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