Newsmax Swiftie States Taylor Will Sing At Trump’s Inauguration

Newsmax Swiftie States Taylor Will Sing At Trump’s Inauguration

A correct-wing pundit insisted there was a probability that Taylor Swift could carry out at Donald Trump’s inauguration if he is re-elected as president.

Turning Point Usa ambassador Debra Lea built the suggestion in the course of a Sunday dialogue about Swift on Newsmax.

Lea argued against correct-wing conspiracy theories that claimed Swift would endorse President Joe Biden as section of a “psyop” to get him re-elected.

“A large amount of people on the appropriate have been, but I never see a big conspiracy concept right here,” Lea mentioned. “But as we have viewed with her personal jet, she just bought her non-public jet just after a great deal of peer strain from people indicating she’s a single of the worst superstars in terms of carbon emissions, and there was a child tracking her jet that she’s attempting to sue correct now.”

“She’s obviously inclined to community force, peer force, so I consider we ought to use our voices to stress her to vote for the right candidate, for the Republican candidate, rather of just assuming she’s gonna vote for Biden and boxing her in,” she continued. “I feel we should really attempt to get her in excess of to our facet. I’m a Swifty, I’m a Republican Swifty, and I would adore to see people today on our aspect execute at Trump’s inauguration.”

“You know, a girl can aspiration, and I assume we gotta do the job on that front, on winning her about, instead than just pushing her further still left,” Lea extra.

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