Newt Gingrich: Democrats Want To ‘Drown America With Foreigners’

Newt Gingrich: Democrats Want To ‘Drown America With Foreigners’

Another person inquire Gingrich if he’s a Indigenous American. Much more of the race baiting and fearmongering that The usa is about to be overrun with foreigners that we’ve come to be expecting from the disgraced previous Speaker on Fox “news” this Thursday.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): We are now noticing hundreds coming from the Center East, hundreds and hundreds from Syria and Iran. Tens of thousands from China and Russia. Why are they coming to our southern border? Why do I believe that among that team, there are probably a large amount of people today that have nefarious intentions for us and our state?

NEWT GINGRICH (Guest): Glance, you have in the Democratic social gathering on the left a team of folks who will not feel in The usa. They want open borders because they want to drown The united states with foreigners. They also, frankly, don’t think in American patriotism, they really don’t consider in America’s unique civilization. So, this is a fact, it really is a truth. And the Biden administration is trapped by these people today into a collection of guidelines that by any sensible normal are insane.

The reality is that we have to have control of our borders. But over and above that, there are pupils who are here who have been demonstrating for antisemitism, demonstrating for genocide in Israel. Those pupils ought to all be deported, period of time. Whether or not they have a college student visa or whatever kind of visa they have, they have no right to be in The us if they’re in favor of evil.

I dislike to split it to Newt, but if we kicked anyone out of the nation who was “in favor of evil,” that would consist of a entire large amount of Republicans, which include him.

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