Nikki Haley Rips Vivek Ramaswamy: ‘You’re Just Scum’

Nikki Haley Rips Vivek Ramaswamy: ‘You’re Just Scum’

This minute in the 3rd Republican debate sums up the total two several hours: Vivek trolling, Nikki scolding and the rest of them flailing. Vivek Ramaswamy created it his mission to be as unserious and obnoxious as doable, even though Nikki Haley glowered.

“She produced enjoyment of me for in fact signing up for TikTok although her personal daughter was really employing the app for a long time, so you may want to consider treatment of your loved ones initially,” Ramaswamy jabbed.

Haley was not acquiring it. “Depart my daughter out of your voice–”

To which Vivek snarked,”The subsequent technology of People in america are working with it, that is in fact the level.”

At this place the entire viewers was booing and just earning noise as Haley looked around and stated, “You are scum.”

She’s not improper. He was scum all evening. He started out by declaring the discussion need to have been moderated by Joe Rogan, Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson before attacking the moderators by title. He known as President Zelenskyy, the Jewish president of Ukraine, a Nazi, although he denies he was referring to Zelenskyy. It is really tricky to consider how this statement: ““[Ukraine] celebrated a Nazi in its ranks — the comic in cargo pants, a gentleman named Zelensky — performing it in their individual ranks. That is not democratic,” is referring to anybody but the president of Ukraine, but he is denying it.

And so it went. It was an unserious debate with the only occasional really serious solutions coming from Haley and Christie, and only on Ukraine.

Tim Scott waxed eloquent about his momma without the need of mentioning his significant girlfriend, Ron DeSantis had a terrible scenario of Nixon sweat lip, and all of them with the exception of Vivek Ramaswamy attempted to at least put the veneer of gravity into the debate.

Ramaswamy, on the other hand, was just a troll. He closed by suggesting that Biden would drop out and Michelle Obama would operate in his location, which is significantly laughable supplied the precarious standing of the latest Republican frontrunner.

If Republicans have a lick of feeling (and they don’t), they are going to cancel any future debates, toss Ramaswamy out of the occasion and just move to normal election manner.

This is Vivek’s closing statement, just simply because it is solely absurd.

Ramaswamy ends his closing assertion with a conspiracy concept about Joe Biden not genuinely staying in demand and that Michelle Obama may well step in and run for him

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) November nine, 2023

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