Project 2025 Googled More Than… Taylor Swift!?!

Project 2025 Googled More Than… Taylor Swift!?!

Google searches for Project 2025 eclipsed searches for Taylor Swift! This is great news for democracy because the more voters understand about Project 2025, the more they hate it.

Google searches & mentions of #Project2025 are now surpassing @taylorswift13 !
Keep it up, America. The more people that learn about Trump’s Authoritarian plan for America, the more Americans will show up at the polls to stop him.
Real Patriots hate fascists! (& love Taylor too)

— Resolute Square (@ResoluteSquare) July 9, 2024

Trump tried to distance himself from Project 2025, but he is getting blasted for his lie. CNN’s Abby Phillip (see video at top of post) and others call Trump out. ABC News reported Project 2025 creator Ross Vough is the leader of the RNC platform team, the guy who oversees the creation of Republican Party platform.

The Lincoln Project brought receipts in a Twitter thread on all the Project 2025 folks who worked in the Trump administration.

Did you know that of the 38 people involved in the creation of Project 2025, 31 of them were nominated to positions in Trump’s administration or transition team?

Trump is Project 2025.

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) July 9, 2024

The Guardian reports out of the Project 2025 creators, “81% held formal roles in Trump’s presidency.” Trump, the Heritage Foundation and Republicans are trying to spin their way out of the Project 2025 backlash. But the
GOP plan is fascism, no matter what they call it.

Trump claims he knows nothing about Project 2025 or who’s behind it, yet here he is speaking at The Heritage Foundation. Here is the president of The Heritage Foundation giving Trump credit for Project 2025. Here is Trump saying they need The Heritage Foundation for their agenda.

— Francisco Vives (T.A.F.K.A. Paco Luís ♏ontaña)⚛ (@Franks2ndlife) July 6, 2024

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