Steve Bannon Sh*ts All Above Educated Girls Voters

Steve Bannon Sh*ts All Above Educated Girls Voters

Steve Bannon, host of the True America’s Traitor Network, explained to his viewers that college-educated females of all stripes are a squander of time to courtroom for Trump in the upcoming election and the overall GOP.

You can find one thing about staying educated as a voter that upsets Steve Bannon. (That and accessibility to voting.) And of system, females. Steve Bannon hates females.

“You’ve got gotta modify your information because you gotta chase higher education-educated white females, faculty-educated suburban gals, school-educated ladies of coloration,” Bannon reported. He momentarily got puzzled and then explained all “college or university-educated ladies.”

“All the Karens, females of coloration, he reiterated. (The Karens belong to Republicans and MAGA cultists, Steve)

“It really is just a waste of time and dollars.” he explained. “They imagine Trump symbolizes the patriarchy.”

Trump’s rapey habits symbolizes women’s worst nightmares in each individual practical and political perception.

As considerably as the MAGA cult claims it, Trump is the anti-issue to all spirituality and faith. He is a heterotroph that sucks all their financial sources for himself. Educated women fully grasp this all far too perfectly.

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