TechCrunch Minute: Razer’s Zephyr mask lands them in regulatory hot drinking water

TechCrunch Minute: Razer’s Zephyr mask lands them in regulatory hot drinking water

Razer is in difficulty with the FTC about masks it manufactured and sold during the COVID pandemic. The make any difference is likely to charge it close to $one.1 million, and some lousy push.

Yeah, masks. Not what comes to mind when you think of the term “Razer,” ideal? You most likely associate the model with gaming keyboards and mice. Heck, I have a Razer mouse plugged into my get the job done laptop or computer proper now. It is good. But the company’s masks ended up not, and that’s a difficulty.

Not finding its putatively N95 masks appropriately examined and vetted has landed Razer in difficulty with authorities, but the total saga got us considering. In an era when we’re observing buggy electrical autos, AI handsets and pins that really don’t quite reside up to anticipations, and even masks that do not fairly mask as promised, are we dwelling in an era of fifty percent-baked hardware?

Thinking about this, I speculate if an problem at engage in is that individuals who are pushing the boundaries of what we can establish, and how rapidly, are applying software package methods — MVPs, rapid iterations, etcetera — to hardware, and it is not fairly changing. The superior news is that Razer gaming hardware is nonetheless rather great, even if I suspect the enterprise now regrets digging into the mask place. Strike play, let us have some exciting!

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