WHOA: Most effective Takedown Ever From Senator Dayna Polehanki

WHOA: Most effective Takedown Ever From Senator Dayna Polehanki

Republicans just won’t be able to appear to learn. Ever. Possibly that’s why they are striving to ban textbooks.

On Tuesday voters–and in individual girls–delivered a resounding rejection to Republicans of their politics of division. Specially their non-halt assaults on women’s rights.

In Ohio and Virginia, females reported NO to correct-wing governors obsessed with banning abortion, in the previous with a ballot measure enshrining abortion legal rights in the Constitution, the latter by not only keeping the Condition Senate, but adding a takeover of the Virginia State Home. Below in Philadelphia, we elected our 1st female mayor.

So how did Republicans reply? As normal, by doubling down on their stupid, cruel, unpopular policies. In Michigan, this meant GOP Condition Senators defending a columnist at the Detroit News–perfectly, not any more, he was canned–for contacting sitting Lawyer General Dana Nessel the C-term. Despicable. Disgusting. Degrading.


In response, Condition Senator Dayna Polehanki stood up and sent an unbelievable diatribe ripping the crap out of proper wingers who would say this kind of a point and the Republican officeholders defending them.

Cliff Schecter set collectively his individual online video, which includes Polehanki’s speech, why she experienced to deliver it, and the GOP’s incapacity to to decide up the trace from Tuesday. The sarcasm is biting, the humor humorous, and the movie an complete should-check out. And after you’re finished, go subscribe to Cliff’s channel for additional films like this a single!

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