Felon45 Shocked About ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ In The 10 Commandments

Felon45 Shocked About ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’ In The 10 Commandments

During a Trump rally on Saturday, the convicted felon was shocked when he seemed to discuss the seventh commandment for the first time.

Diminished Donald has no clue what separation of church and state means or any other commandment.

The fascist communists, the young, very smart, vicious people, because I don’t think he knows he’s alive, you want to know the truth, okay?

The reason the radical left will always come after religious believers is simple, because they know that our allegiance is not to them.

Our allegiance is not to them.

Our allegiance is to our country, and our allegiance is to our Creator. And we do not answer to the bureaucrats in Washington, we answer to God in heaven.

Was this the first time Trump said the word “creator?” Trump only answers to his addled narcissistic brain.

Who likes the Ten Commandments, by the way, going up in the schools?

They think it’s such a bad thing.

I said, has anyone read the Thou Shalt Not Steal?

Thou Shalt — I mean, has anybody read this incredible stuff?

It’s just incredible.

They don’t want it to go up.

It’s a crazy world, you know, a crazy world.

Like, totally. And like, Veronica is so beautiful.

Trump should read them all because the Ninth and Tenth commandments is “You shall not give false witness against your neighbor.” The BIG LIE would count as maybe a mortal sin.

And, “You shall not covet.”

Trump was convicted on 34 counts over that one.

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